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ABOUT Tennis Streaming API

If you are looking for a credible Tennis Steaming feed, search no more. ULiveStreaming is a sports streaming API that provides reliable, quick and accurate livestreaming feeds. Our Tennis Streaming API covers a multitude of games, play by play coverage.

We are the best source of your Tennis Streaming API. With us, your site will become a force to be reckoned with. We combine and arrange Tennis Feed data from all over the world to keep you right on track with what's happening. Our site is easy to navigate, easy to implement onto your own platform and most importantly, affordable. We offer several plans, each tailored to suit separate needs.

Tennis Streaming API PLAN



  • 100+ leagues included
  • 80000 API calls per hour
  • Leagues
  • H2H (Head to Head)
  • Livestreaming
    AT low latency