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ABOUT Cricket Streaming API

Have you ever paid attention to a cricket game and seen how full the stadiums are when there are competitions? Are you a fan of the interesting game of cricket? Do you know you can make your site really attractive to cricket fans from all around the world? All you need is a source for credible Cricket streaming API that will give live cricket feed and updates in real time, and we are pleased to tell you that ULiveStreaming has you covered when it has to do with getting authentic cricket feeds from around the world. We are more than delighted to tell you that our Cricket Streaming API covers various cricket games, every stage of the gameplay.
There are several other API sources, but we can guarantee that our Cricket Streaming API is second to none, and that is because we go the extra mile to ensure that with our Cricket Streaming API,your platform or site will surpass the expectations of many, and thus become a force to reckon with, among similar sites.

We are very concerned about delivering the best Cricket Streaming API you can find anywhere, because we believe in efficient and effective functionality, and that is why we can guarantee that you are getting nothing but topnotch cricket Streaming. This Feed is gotten in real-time from various credible sources from around the world. The end result is that your site or platform gets updated with the most current event happening in the world of cricket. We are well aware of the fact that not everyone is tech-savvy, and that is why we have made it easy for people to navigate our site, get the Cricket Streaming API and easily integrate it in their platform or site. Please check through the available plans, and choose the one that best fits your need.

Cricket Streaming API PLAN



  • 100+ leagues included
  • 100000 API calls per hour
  • Leagues
  • H2H (Head to Head)
  • Livestreaming
    AT low latency(Ball By Ball)